VII. Special cases

In special cases of cooling circuit draining, it is essential to allow the used coolant to flow out through the gravity recovery pan provided for that purpose.

VIII. Draining the used coolant from the recovery pan


> The used coolant recovery pan has a capacity of 50L. Do not exceed 50L. If it is full, place the cooling pipe situated at the bottom of the equipment in the workshop’s recycling pan. You are advised to drain this pan once the 35-litre level is reached to optimise the time it takes to perform this operation.

> Open the discharge valve situated on the control handle. Check that the funnel is in the closed position to avoid any splashing.

Check that the valves on the funnel and tank are closed before connecting the equipment to your workshop’s compressed air network. Using the gauges, check the used coolant recovery pans: The used coolant must be recovered and destroyed by an organisation approved in line with the applicable regulations. If any coolant is spilt onto the floor further to a handling error, use the necessary absorbent materials and dispose of them in line with the applicable regulations.

Level gauge on the 20L tank (intermediate)

Level gauge on the 12L tank

50L tank, drainage recommended at 35L

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