Before opening the access plate inside the machine, it is essential that there should not be any coolant in the machine. Unscrew the three M4 screws shown in the diagram. Pull out the upper part, remove the two pipes connected to this plate and remove it completely. IX. Spare parts

Caution, if internal parts of the equipment have to be replaced they must only be ordered via SAM OUTILLAGE’s Technical Assistance Department. Screw M4.

X. Guarantee The guarantee covers all faults and manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date the product was purchased (parts and labour). The guarantee does not cover abnormal wear, incorrect pneumatic connections, loss, theft, or damage resulting from inappropriate use, disassembly or any other transport-related problem. Please do not replace a component yourself during the equipment’s guarantee period, otherwise the product will no longer be covered by the guarantee. Any addition or replacement of parts or accessories with parts not manufactured by SAM will terminate the guarantee.

The guarantee does not cover the normal wear of parts (eg: pipes, tanks, castors, etc.). In the event of failure, please return the equipment to the Technical Assistance Department: SAM Outillage – SAT 60 boulevard Thiers, 42000 Saint Etienne - FRANCE Phone +33 (0)4 77 922 584 - E-mail : satminute@sam.eu

XI. Declaration of conformity / EC

To which this declaration refers comply with SAM specifications and the following standards and/or European Directives: Machine Directive 2006/42/EC

We the undersigned: SAM OUTILLAGE 10 rue Camille de Rochetaillée - cs 10528 42007 St-Étienne cedex 1 - France

Issued in Saint-Etienne, on Friday 19 October 2018.

Declare that the new products defined by: Make: SAM Description: SAMX’DRAINER ®. Coolant drainer Reference: XDC-50

Didier DENIZOT Quality Manager

El Bachir BOUBAKRI Industrial Designer

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