February 2021 Chronicles


Hello all and welcome to February’s edition of the Crystal Waters Chronicles. When will it stop raining? It seems that it’s been raining forever with the amount we have had. Over the last few months, we have had in excess of 600mm of rain however, I shouldn’t complain, it is far better than the drought and fires we were experiencing this time last year. The rain of course continues to hamper the progress of the final development with the date for total completion in terms of the sites being pushed back a few months. Elsewhere in the park we have had another delivery of a home to site 132. This only leaves three sites in the park that we have not ordered homes for but it will not be long before we do. Later in this issue you will see pictures from our Christmas lights competition. Once again there were some outstanding examples, and I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to decorate their homes. It is a shame we can have only one winner. I won’t reveal who the winner was here, but I think when you look and read the article you will agree they were a very worthy winner. Last month Sue moved into site 149. Please make her feel welcome by saying hello and introducing yourself. On a sadder note, Lorna from site 31 passed away on the 31 st of December. Lorna has lived in the Village since November 2014 and was a real character, sitting out on her deck talking to anyone who walked past. I remember having many a conversation with Lorna as I did my rounds in the morning. I’m sure she will be missed by lots of people in the Village. As some of you may know I have a love for photography and when I get a chance I like spending time photographing nature particularly animals and birds. However occasionally I stray into the world of Macro photography. I am always amazed how the smallest of creatures have some of the most wonderful features. Take this picture for instance of a very small, no more than 3mm in length and height, jumping spider. When you look at it

with the naked eye you cannot see the detail, but take a photo and you can see just how big two of it’s eyes are in relation to its body. Almost like a pair of goggles. Looking forward to a brighter, better 2021. Peter and the Crystal Crew.

February 2021 | Volume 14 Issue 2

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