Jettys Journal - August 2017


The AGM was held on Wednesday 12 July. Prior to the election Elizabeth Russell announced a decision not to stand again for the position of chairperson. Janet Green also announced her decision to step down from the position of convenor of Village Voices. Thanks were expressed to both of them for their years of invaluable service. Following reports, the existing committee stood down and proceedings were handed over to Ray Green. The following people were elected to the new committee: Chairman Michael Sweeney-Knapp Treasurer Cathy Wort Assistant Treasurer Pat Little Secretary Helene Rogers Assistant Secretary Pat Little Business Manager Marg Nyberg Michael Sweeney-Knapp was asked if he would become the new convenor of Village Voices and agreed to do this. Realising that only five of the required 7 committee members have been elected and that an assistant chairperson will be required, it is the intention of the new committee to take steps to rectify the situation at their first meeting. Michael explained to the meeting that both the players and voices are currently in recess pending completion of the hall renovations. It is hoped that Voices will be able to hold Christmas carols and that Players can present a grand re-opening evening to celebrate our wonderful new performance venue. Anyone, especially new residents, interested in either group is warmly invited to contact Michael, site 254. Michael Sweeney-Knapp, Chairman

G`DAY HAPPY GARDENERS A lot of prep work is going on,with some planting so we get ready for the warmer months.All residents are welcome to come and have a look on whats going on and see if you want to get involved.Plans are being drawn up to rebuild the chook pen and the fruit trees have been pruned ready for their next crop.There are still garden plots available for anyone to take on and plenty of help for the beginner. Our main work days are Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning for a couple of hours depending what needs to be done.So come and get your hands dirty and reap the benefits when your crop is ready to har- vest.



August 2017 | Volume 14 | Issue 8

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