Jettys Journal - August 2017


Dorothy Joan Brimage affectionately known as “Brim” married Joseph William Paulucci - always known as “Joe” At All Saints Parish Church Speke, Liverpool, England on Saturday 10th August 1957. As a result - see family photo taken at 42 Cowper Street Port Kembla about 20 years later. “4 Girls” at Port Kembla! 60 years of married BLISS. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH

Look Before You Leap

When you get to eighty There are things you shouldn’t do So if you come a cropper Well more fool you To try and get your pants on Please sit down on the bed Instead of hopping round the room Then fall and break a leg Knives you know are very sharp Don’t test it on your finger For the blood will drip quite quickly And the pain of stitches linger Don’t go climbing up on chairs To fiddle with things out of reach A ladder is so much safer Or you’ll land on the floor with a screech

When we were kids and saw a hill We would run up to the top Then lie down flat and roll right down It was fun to spin till we stopped But if you see a grassy slope Don’t try to run to the top For you’ll find yourself going backwards And land with an almighty flop

Just a few things to consider As old age catches up

And bones grow brittle and fragile And the brain slows down to stop

By Joan Paulucci

July 2017 | Volume 14 | Issue 7

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