Jettys Journal - August 2017


LET’S CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS Robyn 364 5th Margaret 248 12th


We have a few Resident JP’s at Jettys By The Lake Please contact: Les 4297 1509 or 0408 627 732 Anne 0419 626 517 Lance or Nancy 0416 295 626 Ray 4295 1497 COMMUNITY BUS The community bus is looking at offering 2 hr shopping trips to various local shopping centres every 2nd Monday for $7. To register your interest please see Carol Clarke in the sewing room.

REFLECTIVE HOUSE NUMBERS This plate is a 300x150mm Alupanel that is attached to the outside of your home facing the oncoming traffic. The idea of this is to quickly identify your home in case of an emergency, especially at night. Plates can also be made vertically.

ORDER FORM HOUSE NUMBER: __________________________ NAME:___________________________________ CONTACT NUMBER: _________________________

ONLY $15

August 2017 | Volume 14 | Issue 8

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