October 19


Hi everyone. It’s been a very busy couple of months, but at least the days are getting longer and warmer. I know it’s a duplication, however, in an effort to ensure the entire village is brought up to date regarding the Public Liability Insurance and the Residents Commit- tee, I have again copied “Incorporating your Residents Association” into the pages fol- lowing this. Over the past four or more months I have been in consultation with a storm water miti- gation specialist to evaluate the possible solutions around the retention of storm water between the homes 104 to 109. As might be expected, there is no easy solution. Any course taken will involve surveys, council planning and approval, major earth works, and disruption to everyday life for those residents. That said, we are moving forward and via my Monthly Managers report I will keep you up to-date as things progress, so watch this space! Late September or early October, depending on the weather, we have contractors booked to trim the large trees on the entrance road to the village. This work is being undertaken for safety reasons as the strong winds we experience from time to time are leaving branches lying on the roadway, and with a hot dry summer on the way, their current state could be a fire hazard. Traffic Controls will be in place, so please be careful when driving in and out of the village and follow instructions from the controllers. Community Hall: we are aware that some groups are failing to clean up after their activi- ties in the Hall. If you, or your group use the hall, we would appreciate you leaving it in a state that you would want to find it. We do have Ben check the supplies and the cleanli- ness from time to time and recently he has cleaned the air con filters, and the ceiling fans. Welcome home to Peter & Di, Warwick & Noleen, John & Junita, time to relax and un- wind after all the stress of your holidays. Welcome home too, Evelyn, David and Alf after some time away with trying health is- sues.

Thanks for everyone’s contributions, if anyone has anything they would like to contrib- ute to the Acacia Ponds Newsletter then feel free to Email it to info@acaciaponds.com.au

David & Vicki

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