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The Power of Music in the Christian Life Doug Batchelor . Music has enormous power! This book explores the principles of music’s influence so you can be a more selective consumer of music, all with a focus on eternity. You’ll discover ways to select and use music biblically to deepen your walk with the Lord and

The Amazing Power of Forgiveness Doug Batchelor . Reveals the essential nature of giving and receiving forgiveness and shares the Bible keys for dealing with guilt, overcoming bitterness, and truly forgiving—all so that you can experience a deeper peace with God. amazingfacts.org

That’s why it is important to be discerning and deliberate when selecting and listening to music, particularly if you are seeking to follow Jesus during these last days. The purpose of this book is not to advocate for classical music or vilify punk or rap music, but rather to establish principles on the influence of music in order to help you be a more selective consumer of music, all with a focus on eternity. It’s my prayer that this short but informative book will help you discover ways to select and use music biblically, to deepen your walk with the Lord, and to help you make choices that glorify Him. After all, a satisfying Christian life is something to sing about! Music can reach people’s hearts, bodies, and emotions in potent ways and as nothing else can ...


Pastor Doug Batchelor President, Amazing Facts International

Pastor Doug is the host of Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor on TV and Bible Answers Live on radio. He is also the author of The Richest Caveman, Shadows of Light, and the best-selling Heading for the Hills? Find more of his books and videos at afbookstore.com!

ISBN 9-78195-250-5041

P.O. Box 1058 Roseville, CA 95678

BK-APF … $7.95 Bulk pricing: 5+ $6.95 ea. | 10+ $5.95 ea. | 90+ 95 ea. | 192+ $2.75 ea. | 576+ $2.50 ea.

make choices that glorify Him. BK-PMCL … $7.95 Bulk pricing: 5+ $6.95 ea. | 10+ $5.95 ea. | 90+ $1.95 ea.

The Richest Caveman Doug Batchelor . The personal testimony of Doug Batchelor and how God brought him from a life of despair into a relationship with Jesus. BK-RCM … $10.98 Bulk pricing: 10+ $8.98 ea. | 25+ $6.98 ea

Caveman Theology: Salvation Made Simple Doug Batchelor . Pastor Doug winsomely leads you along each step in the process of knowing and loving God—and discovering your deep need for Jesus and His unrelenting power to save. BK-CTHEO … $10.98

Broken Chains: Finding Peace for the Raging Soul Doug Batchelor . Explore the story of the demoniac and embrace Jesus’ power to unlock the chains that bind you! BK-CTHEO … $10.98

How to Keep the Sabbath Holy Doug Batchelor . Learn to prepare for Sabbath in home and at church and live it fully in our hearts!. BK-HKSH … $7.95 Bulk pricing: 5+ $6.95 ea. | 10+ $5.95 ea. | 90+ $1.95 ea.

What Is the Unpardonable Sin? Doug Batchelor . What is the Bible truth about the unpardonable sin? What is so awful about it, why can’t God forgive it, and how can you avoid it? BK-WIU … $5.95 Bulk pricing: 10+ $4.95 ea. | 25+ $3.95 ea.

Final Mystery: The Truth About Death Revealed Doug Batchelor . Uncover the truth about what lies ahead for every person after death, so you can face the future

The Best of Bible Answers Live Amazing Facts . A collection of

fascinating questions and insightful biblical answers from Pastor Doug’s international Bible Answers Live radio program! Great reference and sharing resource! Volume 1 | BK-BBALV1 … $11.95 Volume 2 | BK-BBALV2 … $11.95 Volumes 1 & 2 | BK-BALSET … $19.95

with confidence. BK-FM … $7.95

Bulk pricing: 5+ $6.95 ea. | 10+ $5.95 ea. | 128+ $1.95 ea.


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