Member Connections, Fall 2023

Mark Your Ca l endars Course Overseeding Monday, October 30 & Tuesday, October 31 This year, we will be overseeding our tees and greens on October 30-31. The course will re-open on Wednesday, November 1 at 11 am. As always following overseeding we will need to keep the young grass seedlings moist to maximize germination and of course green speeds will be a bit slow for a time as we grow in the cool weather grass. We appreciate your understanding as we go through this necessary agronomic practice to insure good course conditions in winter/spring. Rain days for the overseed are November 6-7.

Holiday Golf Schedule On Thanksgiving Day, we will have a 9 am shotgun start for all play and the course will close once the last group has finished to allow the afternoon for members and staff alike to enjoy the holiday feast! On Christmas Eve we will have a 9:30 am shotgun start for all play and again the course will be closed in the afternoon to allow for all to celebrate with their families and friends.

Rob St o cke , Di r e c t or o f Ins t ru c t i on

Many people search for more distance by striving to make a bigger turn or swing their arms further. The problem with this is not only do they lose control and timing, but also LOSE swing speed. Our bodies are limited with flexibility, and if we try to turn too much, we will come out of posture and lose power from the ground - all of which we can measure in The Cove.

With a proper pivot, we can create more force from the ground and create speed without more effort! When a player over-rotates they will also get the club too far behind them costing speed and good contact, or, I’ll see players move the base of their neck too far off the ball causing fat and thin shots. If this sounds like something you do, try feeling as though your left shoulder (for right handed player) is moving down towards your right ankle in the backswing - this will keep you centered and help you find the proper amount of backswing pivot. Another problem I see, especially among women golfers, is swinging their arms too far. I hear people saying they can see the club head in their backswing! This leads to poor timing, and worst of all, the arms & hands are forced to throw the club head towards the ball to make contact! While we want a wide arm swing in the back, we need to keep the relationship between the arms and the sternum to give us the best chance for solid impact. You should feel that your hands are extended in front of your back shoulder (right for a right handed player) at the top. While the arms may swing a little further than that in motion, it’s a good goal and feel. The solution is NOT to try to swing shorter - this will not produce the desired effect. However, learn to feel the proper position at the top of the swing. You want to pivot your body back while trying to keep the hands I front of your sternum and as far from your head as you can. This width is controlled by the trail arm (right arm for a right handed golfer), not the “keep the left arm straight “ theory. . The less it bends, the wider the swing. Here are two of my favorite drills: Preset a proper backswing: Take your address position and fold your arms up so the club rests on your back shoulder (right shoulder for a right handed player), now turn your body into your backswing pivot. No need to overturn, just so your back faces the target. Once in that position, stretch your arms out in front of your chest. This is the position you want to achieve at the top. Use a whippy club to feel the proper transition: The second drill uses the Orange Whip swing trainer & is great for a variety of motions in your swing. Setup with the orange whip and make a backswing while letting the whippy shaft flex in the early part of the swing, but then trying to “collect “ the club at the top so it has a very soft or minimal flex at the top. If your arms swing too much or your rhythm is off, the shaft will flex a large amount at the top. Also, when you do this drill, you want to feel like the orange ball stays above your hands at the completion of the backswing - this is also a good swing thought when you are playing - attempting to keep the clubhead above your hands at the top.


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