Member Connections, Fall 2023

Long Cove Funday s

This year’s Long Cove Fundays was a huge success with 346 members helping us raise over $120,000 that will be distributed to non-profits this year. In the last 3 years this fundraiser has raised approximately $420,000 thanks to the participation and caring of you … our generous members!

The co-chairs of this amazing event – Dan & Elaine Lesnak and Roy Bowen & Karen Hoppe - did a wonderful job creating and planning all of the fun activities. A great team of volunteers, including the entire Long Cove Fund (LCF) Charitable Advisory Committee assisted in making the 4 days a great experience for all while raising critical money for non-profit organizations.

In addition to the LCF Advisory Committee Members, we would like to extend our thanks to Kim Wilson for finding a terrific band for the Music Festival, Denise Banks for her efforts to organize the Tennis and Pickleball event, Michele DiIenno for creating the beautiful flower arrangements for all the events, and our photographer Holly Moeri for capturing a lot of great memories. Proving that Long Cove Club really does have talent we recognize and thank Barbara Sorkin and the Long Cove Singers, Jim Harding for leading the open mic fun and a special performance from some very talented LCC musicians, Jonathan Vaughn on lead guitar, Kenny Wareham on rhythm guitar, Jim Harding on vocals, and Kim Wilson on drums. Everyone enjoyed a night full of fun, great food and dancing to the beat of Crosstown Traffic. We would also like to thank Rob Stocke for starting the 18-hole golf event by playing the Star-Spangled Banner on guitar … as ONLY HE can perform! The weather cooperated for the most part … the tennis and pickleball event was rained out but the participants made the best of the situation and enjoyed lunch and libations! Congratulations to the winners of the raffle for one year of LCC dues - Phil & Julie Jones. We would also like to thank our Premier Sponsors - Coastal Signature Homes, Coastal Door and Sash & Marvin Windows, and Kolcun Tree Care. We would all agree with Sandy West, Long Cove Fund Chair, “I am grateful to live in a community filled with awesome, talented and caring people.” Many thanks to YOU … Our generous, caring Members. Cheers to 20 years!

Oyst er Reef Volunt eer Pro j ec t

In June, Long Cove Club had a fantastic group of 16 volunteers join up with The Outside Foundation and SCDNR to place bags full of oyster shells along the bank of Broad Creek. The oyster shells were gathered from area restaurants and were bagged by Long Cove Club volunteers in November of 2022.


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