Mainline Medical Vol 32 Issue 1

Products You Use + Prices You'll Love

Dual Limb Circuits Available in a variety of configurations. Pg. 137 SHOP Anesthesia & Breathing Circuits

Dual Illumination Ultraviolet plus white LED light for exceptional visualization. Pg. 43

GreenLine/D Fully disposable, fully contained mercury free handle. Pg. 41

MR Conditional Circuits Ready-to-use transport circuit. Pg. 137

Green System Laryngoscopes Superior lighting and all-metal construction. Pg. 40

Anesthesia Circuits Adult and pediatric configurations. Pg. 134

SHOP Disposable Laryngoscopes

Mainline Medical • • p: 800-366-2084 • f: 800-261-3066 FAVES

f: 800-261-3066 • p: 800-366-2084 • • Mainline Medical FAVES

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