Dino Building Catalog-V8.1

Bryce Ballew

The recession of 2008 was tough. Contractors learned to do more with less, faster. Bids left no room for error, which fostered innovation, creativity and effectiveness. Construction Incorporated was born from these experiences and many more, learned and reinforced over the past 11 years working in an ever-changing industry that continues to grow more complex by the day. In searching for a name, we continually returned to the need for integrated teams of professionals that are necessary to tackle complicated, accelerated, and highly stressful construction endeavors; thus Construction Incorporated was born. We build teams that incorporate the tactical experience and curious tenacity necessary to construct incredible projects. Your broker, architect, and general contractor all have their areas of expertise, but who is watching out for your interests throughout the project? We ask the questions others don’t want to ask. We define realistic expectations and potential hazards to plan around. We work with your consultants to ensure the project you want, is what you’ll receive.

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