Winter Organic Insights 2022

massive vietnamese organic training program concludes

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NASAA was proud to take part in the delivery of an innovative, large scale organic training course developed and designed to increase the uptake of organic farming in Vietnam, and trade of organic products between Australia and Vietnam. The course was planned by Mekong

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which included two participants that attended all sessions. A further 82 participants attended more than 25% of the sessions. Mekong Organics received a significant grant from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) under its Australia Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy (AVEG).

Organics, an organisation set up by Dr Nguyen Van Kien, based in Canberra, and a team of colleagues, mostly from the Research Centre for Rural Development at An Giang University in the Mekong Delta. Supported by the national and several provincial governments in Vietnam, universities and agricultural colleges, and the Vietnamese Organic Agriculture Association, Mekong Organic’s mission is to promote the extension of organic farming in the greater Mekong region, to improve the financial security for farmers and help address the pesticide pollution problem. Commencing in early November 2021 and concluding on 19 April 2022, the course had 636 participants in Vietnam, consisting of farmers, organic organisations, academics, government employees and trading businesses, with 51 sessions of 3-4 hours. A huge amount of commitment and dedication from the participants. All sessions were recorded on YouTube and viewed by thousands of additional people. A certificate was issued to each of the 125 participants, who attended more than 50% of the sessions,


The opening section of the training course on 15 September 2021

NASAA Organic was a major contributor to the program, providing three of the speakers, Alex Mitchell, Tammy Partridge, and Tim Marshall.

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