Winter Organic Insights 2022

26 / Organic Insights / Winter 2022

Set up complete with 300 goodie bags, primed and ready to go!

Day 1 of our rotating display of NCO certified products


Alex Mitchell, NASAA Organic GM was on the stand for the full event. “I was overwhelmed by howmany people stopped by just to say thank you for being at the expo, and giving them a chance to ask about certification, organic principles and to look for specific products for themselves or their business.” it’s a wrap!

The NASAA Organic/NCO staff again excelled in bringing the voice of organic advocacy and certification to the annual Sydney event. Staff from both organisations, including TimMarshall (Chair, NASAA Organic) manned the stall, and we had all bases covered for visitor’s queries at our eye- catching exhibit. It is one of the events where we get the chance to assist our certified operators in showcasing their products, either on display and/or in the 300 showbags that made their way out into the hands of distributors, buyers, retailers and consumers. A huge thank you to all of the participating businesses listed below: • Biodynamic Agriculture Australia

A couple of our newest members, Sandra &Mal Arundale

• Desert Shadow • Food to Nourish

• Grampians Olive Co. • Herbal Connections • Kimchi Club • Native Oils Australia • Omnia Specialities Australia • Organic Times • Strathbogie Flavours • The Whole Food Kitchen

NCO’s legendary Certification Officer, Wambui Gikenye talking through certification questions

Our 300 showbags also included the gift of a magnetic jigsaw puzzle, a promotional item that included a QR code. This QR code, when scanned, goes through to our NASAA Organic website promoting the businesses that took part in this offer. Take a look by clicking here

The 3 Muskateers L to R –Macmillan, Marshall and Mitchell (Catriona, Tim and Alex)

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