TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Irena: Life Should Be Clear

didn’t notice me. As soon as the Gestapo left, Mrs. Meškauskienė told me that I would have to leave her home immediately. I can’t even remember where I spent the next few days, probably with Juozas’s sister in Žvėrynas; but, after that, Juozas and Onutė took me to the home of Mrs. Stefanija Ladigienė, who lived on Trakų Street. 10 It was evening, and the whole family was seated at the dinner table.

Irena Veisaitė and her second husband, Estonian theatre and film director Grigori Kromanov. Nida, Lithuania, c. 1972.

Mrs. Ladigienė had six children, but three of them no longer lived there. Her eldest son, Algis, was guarding the Ladiga family estate in Gulbinai, another son, Linas, was working in Germany, and her daughter, Irena, I believe, was working as a teacher in Varėna. 11 10 Stefanija Paliulytė-Ladigienė (1901–1967)—pedagogue, social activist, journalist, married military Kazy Ladiga in 1921. In the spring of 1944, she welcomed Irena Veisaitė into her family. In 1992, Mrs. Ladigienė was honoured as one of the Righteous Among the Nations. For more about Stefanija Ladigienė c.f.: Esame: Stefanija Ladigienė (dienoraštis, atsiminimai, laiškai, publikacijos) [We are: Stefanija Ladigienė (diary, recollections, letters and articles), ed. Ema Mikulėnaitė, Vilnius: Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras, 2003. 11 References to Stefanija Paliulytė-Ladigienė’s children: Algis Marijonas


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