TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Jaroslavas Melnikas

Even guests didn’t disrupt our spiritual harmony. They did nothing to spoil it, to tarnish that cleanliness, that mirror-sharp clarity (oh, how shiny our floors always were!). Our guests had their own rooms (they often stayed overnight). After dinner with our guests, I would calmly go off to one of my rooms (if I had no business in town that day, of course). And then I no longer felt their presence in our house. They never distracted me from myself, they always remained just guests. 2 What I am going to tell you happened unexpectedly, and, most importantly, without any explanation. One morning, feeling the pull of the piano (I just needed to run my fingers across the cool, snow-white keys!), I turned to go to the grand piano room only to find that there was no door at the end of the corridor. No door to the grand piano room! I’m one of those people who only believe in reality to an extent: not totally, as it were. Though nobody could say that I wasn’t a rational thinker. However, my reaction to the inexplicable becoming reality is not fast and is never hysterical. I look at something like that primarily as a phenomenon; though it’s not clear to me what has happened, it must have some inherent meaning. Because, for goodness sake, a whole room in the house can’t just disappear like that without a reason. So as I was looking at that space on the wall I started to


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