TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

eight poems

A Walk through Lukiškių Square, November 30 … and yet we are happy – but we don’t even know it Hap hap ha ha ha hap happy our horoscopes are made with the tips of needles dragged on the drums of our bellies

… we’re dissected – and we don’t know it only the cloud knows slinking up on our heels sitting down beside us on the bench shaking ashes on our heads as if in blessing it falls upon our shoulders (and you carry it and still don’t know) it’s like you’re tired – it’s funny! … we are funny – we don’t know it we only find out from our neighbors from books and from our girl from the plum blossoms in spring sometimes from a book of dreams … we don’t know the cloud’s name – we can’t call it over we can’t come up with a nickname or even scatter it with salvos of cannonfire


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