TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

eight poems

shahida having wrapped her graceful waist with gravel roads dark-haired streets and alleys

with toothed paving stones and chunks of tar with the black heads of grebes (opened bills) and crackling reindeer moss – that’s the ammunition – she rips up cellophane faces her own face covered with dust’s gauze absorbing the cries and blood (what the echo usually absorbs) with a package in her hand wrapped in paper and tied with tarry string she climbs into the packed trolley bus

redolent of choleric radiation and cleaves the engorged city the underground passageway and the square that can’t fit the rain – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – to a prepared hole between ragged lawns and into black humus into the acidity of peat – she enters the bog light of graves to drive in the arm of a magnolia shoot


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