TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Undinė Radzevičiūtė

They’re quite different from the other Jews and Israelis I’ve met before: they don’t have any grievances. And the Second World War is over for them.

That’s why they now have the time to fight with Nr. 10.

Who’s missing? ask the o. b. d. Jews. It’s clear enough who. The veterinarian neighbors are missing.

“They went to Africa to look at monkeys,” says Nr. 10. The thirty-somethings with the invisible child went for a walk and never returned. “They left a long time ago,” says Nr. 10. In another flat – the viral flu. “There’s no viral flu at this time of year,” pronounces Nr. 10. “You’re no doctor,” say the o. b. d. Jews. Nr. 10 blushes more than usual. She works in, and steals from, the hospital cafeteria.

Why are we here? It becomes clear: there hasn’t been a peep heard from the sixth flat for a week.


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