TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Undinė Radzevičiūtė

After the return of the veterinarian-dolittles fromAfrica, Nr. 10 was the first to force a visit. She found cause: someone strangled her old cat. She strangled it herself, out of curiosity. “Do you know where that smell is from?” asks Nr. 10. “What smell?” “Remember: from wheer iz dat bad smell cuming?” Nr. 10 imitates the Jews. “No.” It turns out: there was a smell. Only it came, not from the maths teacher’s, but from the veterinarians’ flat. Before leaving for Africa, the veterinarians buried a good dozen eggs in their palm plant. That’s what started smelling. Why would they bury them there? Nr. 10 explains everything: rotting eggs give off fumes. From those fumes, palm plants grow big and let out many branches. How do you know, I ask. Ah, one smart person told me, don’t remember the


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