TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Monologues Ten Poems by Barbara Korun Translated from Slovenian Click here to listen to an interview with Barbara Korun.

WOMAN WITHOUT A NAME, NOAH’S WIFE After the flood For months, for years I’ve been hiding here in the hold. Out of pity I descended into the groaning, moaning animals. It’s dark, damp, stifling. Unbearable stench. Crocodiles opening long snouts of teeth, Snakes hissing, lions roaring with hunger, over all the thundrous stamping of caged elephants. In the beginning I trembled at the darkness and noise, and of the incomprehensible swarming of creatures unseen, with only a premonition —spiders, mice, millipedes, scorpions. Large and small, all of them moving in monstrous formation as the invisible water, dark and ungraspable. I became one with them, feeling our total being--warm, damp and stifling.


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