TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Danutė Kalinauskaitė

a couple of days (they found her prostate, holding the handle of the aluminum kettle, and had to break her yellow, waxen fingers off), they split up for good. They stopped greeting each other, didn’t even look the other ’s way, even though a shared secret, a real secret like this one, ausually brings people together.


Years passed, during which one must become something… The elder, the brown, became a judge. Illogical? The analytical thinking of a chess master, good memory, quick comprehension, steely nerves, the heedless pursuit of a goal, courage, determination – what kind of judge can you be without these qualities? And the green? What does a man without balls become for whom a wad of money burns a hole in his pants? He becomes a kind of hole. A big, round hole into which he falls himself. A hole is a darkness. Nothing good came of him. It never does from such material. Even better – one day, the judge is given the task of judging his childhood friend. So there! At first, going over the case file, he didn’t even associate the last name with the acts committed. Butyrkinas… Butyrkinas… He used to know a Butyrkinas from the distant past, one with grasshopper calves. Suddenly, he began to remember, and his face turned sour as if


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