TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Danutė Kalinauskaitė

it ’s merely theoretical. What it means is theft not by normal means, but by remote means. When one can do things remotely, there’s no need to touch anything – your fingerprints, those little wrinkles and wavelets of skin, are not counterfeit-able, not copyable, they are the only ones on this whole earth (and universe), and now they flutter through the air and don’t ever land on hard surfaces, leaving no traces after the job is done, not the slightest. It ’s a high level of aerial acrobatics – the highest! Like a fakir with a pipe who, with a winding melody, draws the cobra out of the dark depths of its jar, likewise this one draws things from the hiding places of socks, locks and safes – but by means that only he knows. The money, the bills, come dancing out as if trained, one after another rustling into his pockets – deep pockets, one can only imagine, down to his knees, because they are, after all, so baggy… Baggy-pants thieves don’t do it for the money, nor their teeth, whether they have them or not, they couldn’t care less about such crap. For them, stealing is for it ’s on sake. A passion… From the very beginning of the case, the investigation was bogged down. Yet a strong wave of excitation rippled through the standing-room only courtroom. Despite the tropical heat – thirty-five degrees celsius in the shade, the roofs and asphalt just about melting, the rooks flying with beaks agape – a whole crowd had gathered of suffering supporters, curiosity seekers, fools: people are attracted to the paranormal. Not


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