TE16 Turkish Delight

Erkut Tokman Then you grounded into a city, into a life, into a purpose Conveying the antique books written by thousands of years You passed through our decadency, hanging over The doorway to atrocities, ignorance, Hatred, bitterness and enmity! You traversed lands, continents, and oceans To live these streets intermingled with us, To the resistant movement of life inwhich our bodies reborn each day you awakened!


From the albums of our lives you detached Our old photos handed from one to the other, Heavenly memories aged in hellish fires,

You made our longings growing innermore, and Let them be a tree under the shade of a dance! Perhaps you reckoned your steps as Being given a shape what’s beyond the void in a choreography In those rushing hours to soar beyond the skies, Traversing the invisible waves of our seas, You united us within your eternal love handed from all above

Motion is the reality which sets matter free Action is matter of changing places

Existence can change places but the soul has no abode It has no nation no country no language religion or race


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