TE16 Turkish Delight

Ten Poems

Illuminating my path like a lighthouse To this harbour calming as the moonlight, Seeking peacefully in the quiet cove of souls, A distant gaze towards ages unbound by time A scream To the future, To the innocently flowing blood born of the days’ still river… If you could embrace me now like a small child I say to the pebbles within me I have more growing up to do on your shore With the mellow winds of the Mediterranean I gaze from this peninsula stretching towards you At that neighbouring continent with its feet in chains Like the water it needs to survive, shoulder-born It carries an old broken sorrow within an amphora Even if it tore off its freedom from the roots It drags the heavy weight behind it where it goes (whose blood does this earth bear so heavy and intense) Dry and cracked, hungry and thirsty A whole ocean is parched I want to pull on both shores to connect the continents In the olive groves, with the Mediterranean wind An amphora holds the howling of chaos Its mouth tightly shut An ancient sin rolls around within it, over the peninsula Into the Mediterranean


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