TE16 Turkish Delight

Erkut Tokman From a Surrealist’s Diary

From time to time I tumble down little abysses Come to rescue me! No colour I look for on your skin Because you’re not a race Not a language, nor a nation! I tumble down little abysses from time to time, come! My heart hangs upon the room of emptiness The volume inside me has no windows Neither walls, nor a door!

Now I’m as free as Gandhi I make my way from one country to another In Italy I visit Mussolini In the cold heart of a dictator, frozen time Even today still alive, My heart is naked, For peace World is afar For peace World is still too far, In Germany I flee from the Nazis Einstein is in the United States I reformulate the theory of relativity The world can change The speed of light can change If I tumble down an abyss to grasp you So I gain a little more time 132

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