TE16 Turkish Delight

Buket Uzuner white cotton robe with a rectangular neck decorated in hand- stitched floral patterns – a nightdress perhaps. Her still-damp, greying hair was long but luxuriant and done up in a ponytail; at peace with herself, she made no attempt to hide her ample frame. Weary of the heat, she was barefoot. Although she looked much younger than Defne’s father, Defne later discovered that she was two years his junior. She beamed at Defne with such raw spontaneity and sincerity it was as if they were old friends, or even long lost relatives. Her countenance radiated a trust and a guarantee that said, ‘everything’s fine between us and always will be.’ “Welcome Defne, please come in, come in!” she said opening the door wide. Defne entered, nodding in greeting, and Akın Kaman followed her inside, asking, “Didn’t you go to bed yet Gülistan?” There was neither insinuation nor anger in his voice, just mild surprise. The uncomplicated, sincere hearts of people who say what theymeanevokeasenseof appreciation inaperson. Probably that’s what her mother meant when she flagrantly ridiculed her father as “such a plain and colourless man, everyone around him risks death from boredom!” Mimicking her father’s automatic removal of his shoes before putting on his slippers, Defne took off her mock-straw white flats but declined the offer of slippers.

“Defne, let me introduce you to Gülistan.”

“I’m so pleased to meet you, dear girl. Akın talks about you so much I wouldn’t be lying if I said you’ve been living in this house


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