TE16 Turkish Delight

Letters to Shefkati (novel excerpt) by Selim Ileri Translated from Turkish by Eylül Deniz Doğanay 23. I can’t recall if I told you this before, but I want to share this particular memory with you. It must have been last fall… Yes, definitely a year ago, I was sitting bymypiano, burdenedwith themonotonyof my laboriousduties. Schumann wasn’t quite cutting it for me, the pester rooted in my soul and the pain in my chalky heart kept itching me while an A note dominated my ears. A. A. A! As if I was coiled up in a shell, the walls of which that let in only the A. AfteraroundathousandA’s, I rememberwakingupfromwhatever that was as my head fell on the keys and played a loud, alarming screech. “What is going on with me?” I asked to myself, which took me to a flashback of a minute ago. Angels! Tens, maybe hundreds of angelswere just here, theyweresomany that thereweren’tenough room for them to spread out their wings, I was surrounded with white! I looked at them as my heart skipped many beats, but I couldn’t reach them. The vision dissipated, leaving me in an anxious despair.


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