TE16 Turkish Delight

Selim Ileri time, yesterday was the day for it. As I walked there, I felt in a sweet state of serenity. It was thrilling to breathe while there was nothing wrong. In fact, I almost saw the vivid colors of Bergson’s spectrum, the full rainbow! Then, it began. The restaurant was awfully crowded for once. The ground floor was completely packed with people in suits tucking away loaded plates. I made my way up to the crooked and tight staircase, which led me to an equally packed first floor. Fortunately, the people sitting by the window were getting ready to leave. I acted quick and sat down the moment they got up. I was looking around to order, then I saw a young waiter. His hair was all glossy, combed back with a heck load of pomade. I called out “Son!”, but he didn’t hear me. Louder this time, I shouted “Waiter!”. He granted me with a look, as did the other guests. “Get me a plate of meatballs, make it double and well-done, along with some bean salad but easy on the onion. And a Red Crescent mineral water!” He made no expression whatsoever, leaving me in angst as to whether he heard it right, or at all. This way, we made sure that everyone else also knew what I was about to eat. I waited quite a while, and at some point, I remembered that I forgot to wash my hands. A trip to the sink downstairs could have cost me my table. Forlorn, I poured some salt on my napkin


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