TE16 Turkish Delight

Selim Ileri been enough of a sign of the misfortunes ahead that awaited me, but I was too slow to see it… My stomach in a slight acidic distress, I returned to the printing house. Yellow leaves of the poplar trees were floating around with the wind. It turns out, their dance was the end of my bliss. The first thing I heard when I walked into the office was that our boss Mr. Sami wanted me in his room. I can’t say that I was surprised by the chaotic atmosphere that my coworkers were in. “Urgent, he said! You better hurry, he’s waiting for you!” My goal was to be brief and to-the-point when I started Shefkati. I think I’ve way passed that, and now I’m extremely tired. I had drunk a couple spoons full of poppy syrup that Madame Refia of the Palace left me to manage my anger, though. Lights are already out in all the other houses and I, like always, have an early morning. I can’t continue writing anyway, my hand just can’t. I’ll post this half-letter first thing tomorrow, and hopefully finish it when I come back at the evening.

Please do pray for me.


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