TE16 Turkish Delight

Karin Karakaşlı Walls: Silence of the bricks. Dishes rattling in the kitchen.

Son: I can’t hear you.

Grandson: What are you insinuating? Did I kill those innocent people?

Son: You know perfectly well what I’m insinuating. You and your tale of brokenness, trying to get the whole world to dance to the beat of your drum. Armenians everywhere are the same. Grandson: (Springing to his feet, glowering) Howdare you call all that suffering a lie. Are you also completely ignorant of the story of the family whose house you grew up in? Did you never listen to what my Sırhupi yaya or her mother went through? The ones who lived inplaceswherenoonecould claimtheywereconspiringwith the Russians but were one day torn from their homes to be sent away, what wrong did they do? What did my great-grandfathers commit treason against? And what about you, what evidence of my patriotism do I owe you that you dare to attack me? Did you ever ask me the right version of events so I could tell you?”

“ Levon ! Be quiet, I say, Levon !”

Sırhupi storming in, big as a mountain. “How dare you preach to our guests, our dearest friends!” Mukaddes…silent, her head hanging. Her son paces angrily, his expressionmuddled.Thencomesthesentencethatannihilatesthe


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