TE16 Turkish Delight

Let Me Out Here, Please itwas in here. I was scared, but I didn’t have anyother choiceother than to surrender to the inevitable course of events. My mother screamed sporadically and with every one of her contractions my skull pushed forward into something. She screamed harder, I pushed harder. That was the first time I just wanted to come out. Whatever was out there, I wanted to go. Then in the midst of the scuffle I saw her. I was still inside so I don’t know how I could see her. She seemed to flicker in my vision. I recognized her because of her velvety voice. “You are so beautiful,” she told me. “Come on, hurry up, your mother is waiting for you…” “Where are you?” I asked. She hung her head, her hair whirling around her head in the void, “far away,” she said, “I couldn’t help myself, I just had to let you see me. Let’s just say I too am being born in another place. So that’s why we meet,” she told me. Inexplicably I was overwhelmed by fear. “Won’t I see you again?” I asked the woman in the void. She smiled. “I won’t bother you, but if you call for me in the future, if you ever need me, then you’ll be able to see me,” she said.

“Can you tell me something nice again?” I asked. Her face lit up, and then her voice penetrated every fiber of my being.


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