TE16 Turkish Delight


The excerpts from Let Me Out Here, Please by Karin Karakaşlı, in English translation by Zeynep Beler, appear courtesy of Kalem Agency. Poems by İlhan Sami Çomak, in English translation by Canan Marasligil – except “Hewn by Light” tr. Anna Wood and Michael Baron, and “rain lessons” tr. İdil Karacadağ – appear courtesy of the author. Excerpt from Needlefish by Hakan Günday, in English translation by Zeynep Beler, appears courtesy of Kalem Agency. The short story, “Medusa” by Zeynep Çolakoğlu, in English translation by Yasemin Yener, appears courtesy of Bilgi Publishing. Author photo by Mehmet Celiksan. Poems by Haydar Ergülen appear courtesy of the author – in English translationas follows: “Lost Brother”, tr. Arzu EkerRoditakis and Elizabeth Pallitto, from Borrowed Like Sorrow (2005); “Gazel of Secrets” tr. Clifford Endres and Selhan Savcıgil Endres, from Sorrowful Cats Gazels (2007); “Gazel of Idylls”, tr. Gökçenur Ç., from Sorrowful Cats Gazels (2007); “Inner Nefes“, tr. Caroline Stockford and Selhan Savcıgil Endres., from Sorrowful Cats Gazels (2007); “Once a Tailor”, tr. Sehnaz Tahir, fromOnce a Tailor (1995); “We’re Lonely, Brother Cemal”, tr. Elizabeth Pallitto and Arzu Eker Roditakis, from Hafiz and Salamander (2002); “Amor Fati”, tr. Arzu Akbatur and Mel Kenne, from An Anthology of Love Poems (2011); “Borrowed Like Sorrow”, tr. Mel Kenne and Saliha Paker, from Hafiz and Semender (2002). Excerpt from “The Stone Building,” translated by Sevinç Türkkan, from The Stone Building and Other Places by Asli Erdogan. Copyright © 2018 by Asli Erdogan. Reprinted with the permission of City Lights Books, www.citylights.com. Sections fromthe fictional memoir, Jürek and Qan byNazli Karabiyikoglu, appear courtesy of the translator into English, Eylül Deniz Doğanay. Special thanks to Erkut Tokman for his tireless participation in organizing this issue, and to Clayton McKee for a wealth of outreach and organizing, design and layout for this issue.


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