TE16 Turkish Delight

Mario Levi well how even prolonged, domestic relationships wear out eventually, despite the best intentions, and lose their initial luster. So it seems our attachment is destined for brilliance because it will never give way to that kind of isolation or unraveling. We’ll never find the opportunity to binge on one another, for instance; I’ll never become well acquainted enough with your body, with your quotidian and most natural habits to feel the urge at some point to leave you for the sake of an ambiguous, likely unwise longing. You’ll always remain for me a probability, a choice tantamount to long unexpected journeys. I will always remember you as you are in these sentences, even after the passing of many years, sentences, and joys. Perhaps this is the crack in the door I’ve mentioned before. On this earth where almost every single gesture is contrived in a silent game, where desperation is constantly masked by new discoveries of words and fashions, all in service of maintaining a system, of which the meaning has never really been determined, and humanity’s great bliss and principles, the near-complete loss of which is accepted by only a scant few, is it not incomparably elating to be able to revel in suchdetail, with all the sentiments, commentary, and evocations, despite the horrendous pain of self-reflection? Are the pain and defeat’s detritus not preferable to having never experienced the turmoil and anxiety of preparing for a new lover? You make no reply to these questions, and I know you might never be able to, but your silence won’t stop me from multiplying alongside you within other stories. Whatever experiences and yearnings may come to pass, a passion is always one’s unbroken progress toward oneself and one’s dream, no matter the circumstances,


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