TE16 Turkish Delight


Keep This Letter

Here, a long time, in this station I stayed. I was there, now. This place is the station beyond limbo. I had written to you of my state of limbo once.. You’d cried when you’d read that tale of purgotory and I when I wrote it. Stop!.. I’d cried a lot. I’d cried like like Niobe: “You should not have let me cry, you should not have made me stare at the road.

Those professions of love, those professions of love don’t forget.” This is the stop after the limbo. I’d waited a long time there. Here I will stay! Stay! I realize now the earth is spherical. It turns. Make it stop. I’ve nothing to do with those that turn, I will say. Stop. I used to turn in my time also... I turned. Then stopped.. I have no energy to turn. Stop. LET M EE STOP AND S T OP I N OW A M A RU I N E D S T A T I O N I A M R E T AIN E D I N M Y H E A R T D E T A I N E D


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