TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling

I asked with a fake surprised tone: “Which photographer?”

He looked at me, his surprise wasn’t fake. “You must be kidding. You’re not about to tell me that you don’t know Thomas Dumas too, are you?

“Of course, I do.” I said shrugging. “I just don’t understand why the Turkish girl is related.”

“He is the one who took this picture of hers.”

I, again, made a face like I didn’t know that. “Can you please translate the rest of it? I want to know what the story exactly suggests…” “Sure,” he said and fidgeted in his seat to focus. But then I barely heard him mumble: “You’ll see the suggestion alright, though I doubt you’ll be pleased…”

I ignored him. I had no intention of arguing with this man.

After a short while he finished translating the story, tore out the pages he wrote on and handed them to me. I thanked him and asked howmuch I owed. He smiled and said: “I see that this news story matters a great deal to you, whereas money doesn’t to me. I’m just glad knowing I helped.”

Although I insisted, he refused to take any money. I thanked him,


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