TE16 Turkish Delight

Altay Öktem in Europe. The picture above shows one instance where Seniha made the mistake of posing for the vile person in question. Seniha went missing in 1979, and her body hit the shore at Sarayburnu after weeks of futile searching. To this day, it remains a mystery if she was killed by a lascivious organization or if she took her own life. It is presumed that Dumas took a lot of pictures of her, although most of them have not appeared anywhere. Experts on the case are certain that the mysterious couple who snuck into Turkey are searching for the uncharted pictures of Seniha, taken by Thomas Dumas in the 70s. Now I was frozen. I couldn’t move a limb. Trap… Selling nudes for profit… I couldn’t believe my eyes and what they read from the papers in my hands. What Thomas did was add to the concept of nudity. The nudity from his perspective was never harassing, scolding, demeaning, or exploiting… It didn’t matter who was to blameanymore. Thepersonbehind these lineswasunpardonable. We had to leave this country as soon as possible! I wasn’t aware of the questions involved in Seniha’s death. She had sixteen pictures that Thomas published. Was it possible that there were pictures he never even mentioned? Even if, wouldn’t they be in his archives? Why would someone in Istanbul have them, who could even access to them? And why would we would be after such pictures? I was an art historian, true; and it was also true I was putting together a book on Thomas Dumas. But Maria? Why would she be on such a quest… And who the heck


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