TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling


Maria was indeed crying her heart out in the hotel room, but Anders had just opened his eyes somewhere far away from her.


“Where am I?”

I had said that out loud but there seemed to be no one around to tell me where I was. All I knew was that the ground was ice cold. I looked around and waited for my eyes to get used to dark. It felt like it might be daylight outside—was it the next day?— and this place didn’t get any of it, but I wasn’t sure if that would make any difference. I checked the space around me with my arms for any objects. I didn’t find any and tried to stand up. When I failed, I realized that I was naked. Fully naked! The adrenaline seemed to be helping with the cold. A little, but helping. What’s going on? This time I knew I wouldn’t get an answer. I pulled my knees closer and tried to figure out what happened. First, I was waiting for Maria in the lobby, then I went up to the room. I remembered opening the door and entering, but the rest was blank. The rest was waking up in this cold, dark, creepy cellar…

I wondered what time it actually was, so naturally my left arm lifted up—of course, my watch was gone too.


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