TE20 Migrant Mosaics

The literary mosaic of Europe continues to expand and include more voices than ever before. Enjoy just some of the bits and pieces of this mosaic with us in this issue where migrant voices mingle with stationary ones, each one combining with the others to form a bigger piece of the whole. We beginwith poet GraceNichols whose collection Passport to Here and There explores her childhood roots in Guyana in relation to her adult life in England, showing that the two cannot be fully separated. EUPL-awarded German author of Polish origins Matthias Nawrat gathers stories of the plethora of lives that make up contemporary Berlin in The Sad Guest . A conversation about this work can be enjoyed on the April 15, 2021 episode of Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature. Fabiano Alborghetti ’s Portraits of Absence provides firsthand snapshots of migrants with whom he lived in Milan. He shares more about this astonishing experience and his writing about it on the July 12, 2020 episode of Swiss Literature Today. Additionally, Fabiano graciously provided us with the stunning images that adorn our chapter pages. The are from his project Still faces and were taken in Milan, Genoa, and Florence, Italy. Slovenian author, Goran Vojnović , explores the concept of borders as they becomeerased, crossed, andmoved inYugoslavia. The FigTree traces a complex history of movement, not only through locations but also through time, revealing how someone arrives at their current time and place. A theatre script for Disappearing by Romanian Elise Wilk follows and portrays the lives of six characters facing anxiety related to emigrating. Trafika Europe 20 – Migrant Mosaics EDITORS’ WELCOME


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