Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll


Streteched out handbeside Lough Ree tonight I have as my delaysleep strawfeatherbedstuff the hungerfurywater- rippleClanMacDonaldheather shelterconcealing the moleblindbirdfundamentpurlingeddystreamlets under the soles of my feet by a bed of common rushes and woodsorrelbulrushes or mancunningwolfsnarebendamong the wild-ducklaughter-reeds with the bamboocanesteepleveilqueel-rods nimbledartbending by the foot of the riverchannelcoastbeach and bad- temperbreezeruffling and whitecockrilleddywavecrests moving on the harvestcropcreambranchsurface of the sea- armlough, crabbedroughmeangloomyloweredwind- ruinedbreezyandverycold and gloomydarkunsociable- lonely.



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