Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

Photo of Roy Jacobsen by Lars Aarønæs/Cappelen, and excerpt of the novel, The Invisible , is courtesy of Cappelen Damm Agency. Alina Bronsky's Just Call Me Superhero is excerpted with permission from Europa Editions. Poems from the upcoming Sweeney: an Intertonguing are printed by permission of Rody Gorman. Yannick Grannec's The Goddess of Small Victories excerpt is reprinted by permission of Other Press, pending publication. Mandy Haggith's poems from the A-B-Tree project are printed with her permission.

Dmity Faleev's short story, Rhinoceros , is reprinted with permission from Glas New Russian Writing.

Many thanks to NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad) and The Gaelic Books Council for directly supporting this issue, and to our Friends and Benefactors for support generally.

All title page photos are courtesy of Mark Chester.

Cover designed by Mark Boston from a photo of northern Scotland by Andrew Singer.


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