Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

Louise was emptied of everything that foreign countries have: figs, Aquavit, cotton, planed choice timber, coffee; there were even crates of apples. Oddur dexterously managed to open one without being seen, stuck two apples beneath his coat, and now, as the storm tears apart the June light, howls over the houses and makes the mountains rumble, the three of them sit there, Oddur, Rakel, and Lúlli, at Oddur and Lúlli’s, they’ve sliced the apple and slowly eat this fruit that has drunk in the sunshine and tenderness of faraway worlds. Rakel smiles; dear God, how delightful it is to see her smile in closeup, as the storm shakes this little house furiously, the world has turned into one continuous howl. Whence comes this savage power, now, when the month of June should be plover song over our existence? Oddur had stopped in to see Rakel towards evening, after they’d finished unloading Louise; we saw what was in the offing, the darkening clouds, rising wind, a rumble or two from the mountains, as if it were too much for them to restrain their suppressed wrath. Oddur wanted her to join them, what with a storm in the wings, well, or at least foul weather, and he also had a little something that he and Lúlli wanted to share with her; nor is there any need for you to be alone in such foul weather. But she’s often been alone in foul weather, malicious winter storms and she’s never been afraid, the only storm that she fears is the one in people; to be more precise, in men, which is worse, infinitely worse, when it’s not enough to dress warmly, take shelter, it penetrates you and fills you with anxiety, fear,


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