Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

beautiful, they would straddle the fjord straight across to Nólsoy. Sometimes a rainbow would strike Heimistova, where their grandmother and grandfather lived, and sometimes it would reach all the way up to Eystnes on Eysturoy. Svartafoss was pure paradise for all who loved berries, said their mother, drying the red berry juice off their lips. L ýð ar lay splashing in the creek, and when he came up again, mother wrapped the naked boy in her shawl. Now everything was different. There was no one left to milk they cows; they had gone insane and bellowed through people’s doors. Tóvó’s concern for Mogul was due to the way he had reacted against his father the day Martimann wanted to kill the dog, but he dared not tell anyone that, not even his grandfather.

However, he did ask his grandfather why he did not get sick.

Old Tóvó answered that, the fact of the matter was, he was half-grown in 1781 when measles had raged the last time, and that you could not have the disease twice. That was also the reason that he was not afraid to visit people and help them. And perhaps the old man sensed that something else was bothering the boy, because he added that dogs whose breath stank could not get the disease either.


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