Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

be home for lunch. I know I’ll grab him by his ear. I’ll hold it tight. First, I’ll be in the corner, on tiptoes. I’ll be tall, then it’ll be lunch. And I’ll hold his ear so that it hurts, later. I hear footsteps. A woman is standing in the doorway. She’s breathing deeply, quickly. I see Mama turn back. From the stove to the door. The woman doesn’t say anything, just breathes. Then she says that Srečko phoned. That his mama was run over and is in hospital. Mama is looking through the window at the yard. She doesn’t always look. Sometimes. Now. The table is laid for lunch. I’m standing in the corner, looking at Mama. I see her shoulders and her hair in a bun. She isn’t moving, just looking through the window. Karlo walks into the kitchen now. Mama talks. The neighbor came to tell us that Lucija has been run over. Can you take me to Trieste after lunch?

I listen.

Yes, says Karlo. What’s happened?

I don’t know. She said Srečko phoned. He said that she’s been run over. Karlo sits down at the table. I see Tata is coming. He’s in the yard. He stops. He coughs, then comes in.


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