Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

I look. I see. I see a blue field. Like in the morning when Mama comes into the room and the chestnut tree in the yard is full of leaves. Suddenly houses aren’t running. People aren’t running either. Karlo says we’ve arrived and that Lucija lives in that house. I look through the window. They don’t see me. No one is looking at me. Karlo opens the door. He takes my hand. Come, Ballerina, he says. I’m standing in front of a tall house. I can’t see the roof, there are no chestnut trees, there is no yard. Mama takes my hand. Let’s go, Ballerina, she says. Karlo opens a large door. He says it’s made of iron. Let’s see first if Srečko is home, he says. We go through the door. Mama is holding my hand. There’s no light. I can only see it far away, the light. Then we walk on, toward the light. Karlo knocks on the first door. There is no light here. I see Srečko in the doorway. Suddenly the door is open and Srečko stands in front of us. I look at him. He says nothing. Then he says she died. He cries. We follow him. I look at the room. It’s a big room. At one end I see two beds. A window on the other side. High up. You can’t see through it. Below the window there is a washbasin, a closet and a chair.

Srečko is sitting on the chair. Karlo, Mama and I are sitting on the bed. Srečko is talking. I look at him and listen.


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