Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Editors’ Welcome

menace and bewildering absurdity of her past are revealed to her in a new light. Odile Cornuz has written theater and radio plays as well as novellas. Her French, supple and energetic, follows the inner turmoil and confusion of her idiosyncratically eloquent characters with lacunae and repetitions, burst of words and incomplete sentences. The monologues in Terminus offer glimpses of intimate moments in the lives of people you might pass on the street any day without a second glance. The Francophone writer, Michel Layaz, has written twelve works of fiction. With subtle, bemused humor and an unerring eye for human frailty and the lengths to which people will go to hide their flaws, Layaz writes movingly about the hidden tensions within families, the awkwardness of adolescence, and the drama of intimacy between friends and lovers. The narrator of his novel, My Mother’s Tears , has returned to clean out his childhood home after his mother’s death. Each brief chapter is focused on a talismanic object or resonant episode from his childhood and through


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