Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

The Infinite Book


Talking about books was not difficult per se. Anyone could do it. All you needed was a repertoire of at least one very well-known author, like Wu-Li-Ha-Lem or Annie Bariole, whose work needed no introduction and to which you could then compare any new book. The same went for fictional characters who provided a treasure trove of material you could find something to use with your eyes closed. The repertoire names dropped most often were: A) Lorito, A2) The Prince de Moché Croûto. In any event, citing a name on stage meant seizing the upper hand. Whoever dropped their reference first had the pleasure of watching the other guests shrivel in their chairs. Jenna gave it a try with her mother ’s maiden name. It worked like a dagger. The stars and artists on-stage with her shrank back, shaking their heads. Only one of them drew himself up like a rooster and, braving the cameras, dared ask directly: Who exactly was Jenna Fortuni referring to? Jenna replied that this was a little known poet from the north of the country. Later, and as a result of this show, she and the young man became friends. The name of the young man in question was Larsen Frol. He was invited by the television studios precisely


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