Trafika Europe 11 - Swiss Delights

Tamangur + 11 Poems

waiting expectantly for the variations Elsa will pack into the story.

On days when Elsa is not dans son assiette , she says: No, no Trayveet today! After the business with Trayveet, she started brushing up her schoolgirl French and has been collecting phrases she sprinkles into her conversations. She has Trayveet to thank for that. With foreign languages you make your way better through the world, she says, and turns of phrase are always useful. He stood there bouche bée , she can say of Trayveet orwhen something gets on her nerves: I’m not used to splitting les cheveux en quatre. Occasionally she complains about Elvis, with tears in her eyes: Il court les filles, she sobs, that is la fin des haricots for me. She is happy being dans la lune and whenever anything seems difficult, she says: Good Lord, it’s not la mer à boire! Elsa chatters on and on. The child looks at the trout, whose tail hangs over the right side of the dish, and wonders how and where she should stick the knife in. … _____


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