Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

King Gordogan

in his just wisdom, that you shall be taxed.  Inasmuch as the White King overlooked the collection of taxes and other useful affairs of state, you, our good people, have been deprived of the levying of taxes.  Now, we,the noble and honorable King Gordogan, have justly deigned to al- low you the privilege of paying at the rate of one hundred gold coins per head.  This tax shall be levied indiscrim- inately.  Henceforth, there shall be no more paupers in our kingdom. The poor shall pay 500 gold coins per head in addition to the 100 paid by the others.  In this way, we prevent anyone from being able to say, “I’m too poor to pay 500 gold coins.” Furthermore.  The Rich shall pay nothing. To continue. . . So that we, the noble and honor- able King Gordogan, can easily see whose head has been paid for and whose has not, we order that as each pay- ment is made, one of the payee’s ears is to be snipped off by the Royal Ear Clipper. Anyone who refuses to pay will have his eye poked out by the Royal Eye Gouger.   This has been a public service announcement.   Now Royal Ear Clipper, how many have you TSAFF ed to- day? SOUND: leather boots clicking together, fist on chest sa- lute ROYAL EAR CLIPPER: None, your Majesty.  I’m growing lethargic and flabby, like an old fish, by my blade.


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