Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Alexander Ulanov

Perhaps you will do this tomorrow without me? Yes, certainly. The voice shakes itself off over the wire. A leaf that had become a target for a heavy raindrop. A garter snake that had been approached nearer than its body length. The voice is extinguished. A simple thing to offer freedom, and a difficult thing to grant it. One must learn to clench and unclench the fingers without remembering. To depart there where freedom itself grants it. The first movement – coming towards you. To learn how to make a full stop, that is also a movement. To leave freedom is to grant freedom. To depart there, where freedom grants it. Otherwise – everything is repeated. A pendulum, gradually halted by friction. There is but one way toward, and a very many paths not away from, that simply go someplace else. A period is almost a probable death sentence. Toward – away from – toward – away from – life, but of a pendulum. One cannot depart from the straight and narrow, only toggle it from side to side, gazing with melancholy past the edges. There are – triangles, fractured, parabolas, various hypocycloids. Linea – a line, is also a line of text. The mussel attaches itself to a rock, a crocodile can only run in a straight line, the dolphin’s expanse is formed of water. _____


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